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22nd March 2019 : Summer  Update


Well we are back from another HOY, it was as great as ever!! This year we only took down Elvira with the others still too young and Meadow not quite ready for such a massive event (maybe next year!). 

Just having one made time for plenty of shopping and socialising as well as watching a large number of classes.  There were certainly some super combinations in action and exciting futures ahead for many!  Roll on the 2020 season!! 

I have attached some pics from the show of Vi and a special one of Meadow presenting the 2019 Lady Rider of the Year winner (Mikayla) with her RB Jewellers bracelet for Jane after the sad and sudden passing of her beloved husband Ray. 

Looking forward to our last big show of the season at Woodhill at the end of the month then it will be time for a well earned break for Vi and the babies to start back up :)

(Photo Credits to Christine from Cornege Photography and Ana from Cheleken Photography)

SAS News

Keeping you in the loop


Welcome to Summer 2021


So its official... we have moved to Inland Road! 


We are progressing well with exciting new facilities which include a new irrigated 60x40 sand and rubber arena, an 18m Round Yard attached to the arena with sand surface, 4 x covered yards with Magnum panels, 4 x 6x4m outdoor sand yards, a new Tack and Feed room next to the concrete wash bay and all fences have been replaced with Magnum Hot-Cote horse safe wire. 

Once all is completed we will hold an open day and gear sale - we cant wait!


5th October 2018 : BIG NEWS!!!

With huge thanks to #teamevm I have been chosen to fly over and join them at #equitanamelbourne.

I cant wait to head over, join in the adventure and learn about all the new products on offer by this amazing group of people!

No doubt I will return with a tonne more knowledge, ready to pass onto you all, just in time for the height of the season.

Huge thanks again to Equine Vit & Min / Farmalogic and the team for the amazing opportunity as well as their ongoing support of our team here in NZ xx


Our Latest Delivery of Purepine is Here!

15th June 2018


Most eagerly await the arrival of the courier with their online purchase of shoes or makeup, but here the excitement levels rise as a truck load of Purepine Shavings neatly wrapped onto pallets pulls up the drive!


Visit our Product Sales page for more details.


10 Essential Tips for Beginners

1st June 2018

Horse riding is an increasingly popular activity. The attraction is simple - the horses... the physical challenge... the fact that anyone can begin to learn, young and old(er). If you are new to riding, you might be overwhelmed by all the opinions that are out there. Here are a few ideas to help you navigate your way through your first steps (walk, trot and canter).

Find a great instructor : In some areas, you might have trouble finding multiple instructors to choose from. But work on it. Watch your prospective instructor teach a few lessons. Finding an instructor is like finding a great friend or job. It takes time and you have to try it out for a while to know if it's a good fit for you.

Safety first! : Learn what you need to do to keep yourself safe.  Although most horses are well trained to not do anything unexpected, horses are flight animals and really can't be completely trusted at any time. Be aware of your personal space when you work around the horses. Keep your feet clear of hooves, maintain an appropriate distance (don't let the horses rub on you or nibble on you), and make sure the horses hear you and know where you are as you approach them or work around them.

Develop excellent ground skills : If you have a chance to learn to work the horse from the ground, grab it! They say that you only ride as well as you handle a horse from the ground, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. Take lessons, watch others and practice as much as you can. There are so many ways you can learn ground work: showmanship, round penning, lunge work (for the horse), in-hand showing. The more you can do from the ground, the better you will be prepared to ride. Your horse will also know you as a communicator/herd leader.

Focus on your seat development : The seat is the source of all great riding. The seat is also the hardest area of the body to coordinate. You'll find that using your hands and legs will be much much easier than learning to follow the horse and influence him with your seat. But there is no better way. If you are lucky enough to find someone who will lunge you, there is no better way to start riding. If not, find an instructor who puts a lot of emphasis on seat development early in your riding career.

Check and double-check your tack : There is nothing better than spending some time with the horse you're going to ride, so get in there and get dirty! When you tack up, make sure you know how everything is secured. Check your tack before you go into the arena or paddock, and then check it again before you mount. If you are unsure of anything, be sure to ask your instructor or a parent before you get on. Your tack will keep you safe - but only if it is on properly!

Ride more than once a week : It might be difficult to ride multiple times in a week in a riding school, but take the opportunity if it comes your way. If you are lucky enough to have a horse at home, get out there whenever you can... even if it is just for a 10 minute walk.  No matter how you do it, your skills will improve exponentially if you can increase your time in the saddle.

Breathe : Even if you are otherwise athletic and have a lot of experience in other sports, your initial riding experiences might be different than what you are used to. One of the things that go first when you begin to trot and canter is remembering to breathe. A good trick is to force yourself to breathe in conjunction with your horse's movement. If you are rising to the trot, breathe on every other post. In canter, breathe every other up stride. Force your breath if you have to initially, until your body takes over. Otherwise, you will likely hold your breath and soon end up panting and losing coordination.

Do as you're told! : Your instructor will (should) always have your best interests in mind. So if she tells you to drop your hands, drop them. If she shows you how far to open your rein, or to soften your knees on the saddle, do your best to follow her directions. Sometimes, what you need to do may feel awkward or even wrong to your muscle memory. That might be because your body has normalized the wrong feeling. Just give it a good try.

Ask questions : Always ask questions when things seem unclear. If you want to be an independent thinker, you do need to know why you are doing things at certain times. There is no other way. However, there is a protocol to asking questions. While you are riding, just keep riding. Save the talking for in between the riding spurts, or for the end of the lesson. Don't be gabbing while she's giving instructions, because when you are on the horse, there is little time for conversation. That is the time you should be "do"-ing.

HAVE FUN! : Having the luxury of a horse or pony to enjoy is a privilege… and it should above all be fun and the time full of smiles :)

20th November 2018 : Spring Update

It has been a manic start to spring with breeding season well underway for us in amongst the flurry of show jumping competitions around the    North Island keeping us on our toes. 

Coming up this weekend (24th November) we have saddle fitting with Alice from Precision Saddle Fitting which is a great opportunity for any essential tweaks or new purchases.  Visit our FaceBook page for more info on this!


Alongside the above I was blessed with a spectacular opportunity to head to #equitana2018 in Melbourne with huge thanks again to #teamevm for the opportunity to not only attend but to meet the Aussy team and learn so much more about the outstanding products they have formulated.  I had the BEST time and made some very exciting contacts... hopefully more to come in the not too distant future.  Once my now dying 5mth old iPhone X gets a new battery I will be able to load up some great pics and funny vids.

We have just received (whilst I was going through airport security) our latest delivery of Purepine Shavings - dust free, convenient and super competitively priced if you wish to buy a min of 21 bales especially. See our Products page for more info.

Lessons are in full swing now that we are with the luxury of Daylight Savings, there are a couple of regular spots during weekday evenings available if you are looking to secure a spot.  Feel free to contact me with any queries as with the competition season ramping up we are away alot of weekends resulting in less weekend teaching spots being available.

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