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Livery Options


For a Full List of Agistment Details and Contract in PDF please click


1. Shared Grazing Only: including daily checks and emergency care/calling for the vet** if required $80 wk + GST Shared Paddock

2.Partial Livery: includes routine care including daily checks, cover changes and emergency care/calling for the vet** if required $150 wk + GST

2.a.  Owner Ridden:  includes the use of facilities including the arena at times agreed.           The owner is responsible for the daily feeding of the horse. 

2.b.  Owner Away:     includes all items detailed in 2. plus daily feeding *

3. Full Schooling & Livery: complete care plus regular schooling and hacking, includes grazing and emergency care/calling for the vet** if required $395 wk* + GST


4. Short Term Covered Yard Stabling: including daily checks, mucking out, hay, cover changes and twice daily feeding $350 wk* + GST


*      Feed and supplements to be supplied by the owner

**    Farrier, veterinary and dental costs are the sole responsibility of the owner


Bit Trial & Hire

Trial Session $85




Hire $15/wk + $40 Bond (refundable upon return)

We have an extensive “Bit Wall” which covers pony and horse sizes.

With the range including Myler, Full Cheek, Gags, Snaffles, Curb, Hackamore, Trust and Double Bridle bits.

You can also try with us before you hire.

bits IMG_0513.jpg
Vetrolaser Picture.jpg

Vetro Laser Treatments

$85 incl GST

What Are The Five Effects Of Coherent (Cold Laser Light) On Body Tissues? 

  • Speeding Up Tissue Repair

  • Faster Collagen Formation

  • Increased Production Of Natural Body Painkillers

  • Increased Lymphatic Drainage

  • Increased Vascularization

In simple terms, what does Cold Laser Therapy do?

For decades, researchers knew of the healing benefits of everyday, non-coherent light such as sunlight. In small doses, sunlight helps heal skin lesions. Of course if you overexpose yourself to the sun your skin will burn. What if there was a way of safely getting light to deeper tissues? Wouldn’t it help heal those tissues? That is the purpose of cold laser therapy. The coherent, concentrated light emitted from the Vetrolaser’s three infrared diodes safely penetrates up to 2 inches below the skin to help stimulate cellular activity to promote rapid deep tissue healing. This also explains why you shouldn’t use cold laser therapy over cancerous lesions; it also speeds up those cells.

Wound healing is greatly improved by cold laser therapy. This includes even non-healing wounds like Proud Flesh in horses. This is due to the increased level of collagen brought about by cold laser treatment. Connective tissue is primarily composed of collagen which is thought to be the most important component in wound healing.

An increase in circulation by widening of the blood vessels. This is important. When you’re treating a stubborn wound, for example, one of the first signs of healing is vascularization of the area—meaning you’ll see tiny blood vessel formation. 

Decreased swelling/edema due to lymphatic drainage.

Coherent laser light stimulates the production of the body’s own natural pain relieving chemicals including endorphins and enkephalins.

Cold laser therapy is considered safe with very few contraindications. You should never look directly at the laser light and should wear protective eyewear such as real laser safety glasses.  

You should avoid using cold laser therapy on animals who are pregnant. Also avoid using cold laser therapy on cancerous lesions.

The use of a cold laser does not take the place of veterinary care. Before attempting to treat any condition on any animal, consult with a licensed veterinarian first and take their advice over anything you see here.

Equissage Treatments

$85 incl GST

Equissage® products are the safest most versatile way to keep your horse in peak physical condition.

The unique ‘vibration therapy technology’ has the following benefits:

  • stimulates blood circulation

  • improves lymphatic system drainage

  • muscle stimulation

  • increasing dynamic joint mobility

  • reducing musculoskeletal dysfunction and hypersensitivity

  • treating acute muscle spasms

  • tension and soft tissue related trauma.


The technology was initially developed for human use way back in 1949 but the delivery platform was evolved for advanced veterinary and equine applications producing results across all disciplines, becoming prolific amongst serious equine professionals.



$90 per Clip

Clipping available onsite at SAS or can travel for multiple clippings.

Horses must be clean and dry or an extra surcharge of $20 applies for blade sharpening.

Classic clips, full, trace, hunter and belly available. 


Sorry no hearts or little patterns.

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